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Our collaboration was extensive, given the mission to build their brand identity online, settle their influence, and help them grow a community, all from scratch. Through nuanced storytelling and conscious content creation, we organically build the foundation for an engaging platform for their 70.000 m² venue where their growing community and collaborators could interact and engage with the brand.



Social Media Management

Copywriting & Storytelling

Marketing & Communications

Graphic Design & Brand Direction

Management & digital curation January 2021 - September 2022
Platforms Instagram

Social Media

Management & digital curation January 2021 - September 2022
Platforms Instagram

We worked with The Tunnel Factory from the very beginning and built up their Instagram profile from scratch. Our mission was to set the direction for their social media on all levels and ensure that it aligned with their brand values and visions for the future.

We created their brand voice, designed their visual identity online and worked actively to ensure that their feed was kept active and their community engaged. The extensive work of The Tunnel Factory was reflected in all work we did for them as our mission was to create the framework for all future engagement online.

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Tunnel Fabrikken

Tunnelfabrikken is a cultural hotspot under construction and an ongoing client since late 2020 As they build their 70.000 m² venue our work will gradually enter new phases and develop.

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